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    Xiao 1st Rd., Ren’ai Dist., Keelung City 200, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The name of Kanziding Fish Market was derived from its location between river and land with a natural height difference. In the past, its topographical advantage attracted fishing boats landing here and selling their hauls on site. Until now, the place has developed into the biggest wholesale market of seafood in northern Taiwan. The auction would be lasted from small hours to early morning. Fishermen who just dock would come over and unload their haul. Fresh seafood is placed in polystyrene box and basket, allowing stall owners, chefs and early birds to purchase. Such scene is just like the one in Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan. Market time of the day would end after dawn. Seafood left over or in small size would be hosed down into sewer and directly go to Keelung Harbor. And this is the reason of seabirds gathering and diving beside the port during daytime. However, it is no doubt that even the toughest fisherman needs to rest, so the market would be closed at 2nd and 17th day of every month in lunar calendar - do not visit here on these days.


  • Kanziding Fish Market only opens in the midnight.
  • Private walking tour (1 hour) is available. For more info, please send your request to service@roundtaiwanround.com.