• Opening Hours

    Nov-Apr Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00

    May-Oct Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00

  • Price

    TWD 250

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  • Address

    No.2, Xishihu, Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City 20842, Taiwan R.O.C.

Ju Ming (朱銘), originally named Ju Chuan-Tai (朱川泰), is an internationally renowned master sculptor. In the beginning, this was not a museum, but rather a storage space for his large sculptures. Inspired by the natural surroundings of Jinshan, Ju Ming decided this would be an ideal setting for an art park. Juming Museum doesn't just display his unique works of art, but also serves as a venue for the cultivation of artists' creativity.

The museum occupies a total of 11 hectares, and its outdoor exhibition space is divided into Taichi Plaza, Human World Square and Sport Square. Juming’s work in the museum can be ascribed to several series: the Nativist (鄉土) Series, Taichi (太極) Series, and Living World (人間) Series. Each series reflects the core values of the master’s attitude toward his life and his art. Those sculptures of his Taichi series displayed in the Taichi Plaza are regarded as the best and the most famous of his work. The building of the museum is like a pyramid, a work of art in itself, displaying his indoor pieces of woodcarving and pottery as well as works by his mentors.

Even though Juming is over 70 years old, he still dedicates himself, with his abundant energy and passion, to his art. For him, art is not only a spiritual discipline of his aesthetic experience, but also his guiding belief throughout his life.

The whole park is a work of art for appreciation, inspiration, and recreation. A visit here will surely be an stirring experience, as you realize the labor of love the artist has undertaken to produce these works over the decades.


  • Regulations set by the museum:
  • Please do not touch any of the artwork or their bases except where signs expressly permit.
  • Do not stand on the sculpture’s base.
  • In the indoor exhibition area, do not cross the gray line on the ground.
  • Photographing and videotaping with flash are not allowed.
  • During your visit, please do not shout, run, or jump. Activities such as picnics, kite flying, roller skating, and games are not allowed.
  • Do not pick or eat any plant to avoid poisoning.
  • Do not bring food or beverages into the indoor exhibition areas. Cooking is prohibited throughout the museum area.
  • Smoking is permitted only in a designated smoking area.
  • No betel nut chewing.
  • No pets are allowed throughout the museum except guide dogs. Visitors may make use of the pet room at the Service Center for free.
  • To record activities at the museum and to use the records for educational development purposes, we may take photographs or videos records when it’s necessary. If you do not want your portrait to be recorded and used, or have any concern about this, please let the museum attendants know.