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    No.196, Minsheng Rd., Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City 208, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

You might not know that if you want to go to a hot spring in Taipei, you don’t necessarily need to go to Beitou. In fact, not far away from Jinshan Old Street is Governor-General Hot Springs, where you can have an even better quality bathing experience! Completed in 1939, Governor-General Hot Springs was funded and constructed by the Governor of Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. After World War Two, the army repatriated the spa as a coastal defence fort. It was not until the departure of the troops and the change to a new management team that the preserved natural spa was injected with new vitality.

Today, there are private rooms in the building allowing visitors to enjoy the hot springs. Then, if you prefer privacy, you might consider paying a slightly higher fee in exchange for your own space. However, the interior design and equipment is not particularly new-seeming. If you prefer, the spa area on the first floor is shared by both genders, but remember, swimsuits and swimming caps are required. However, because the pool area uses a simple structure made out of metal, it cannot be regarded as the most authentic bathing experience you will find in Taiwan. Instead, the most appealing place for visitors is the open-air naked spa that occupies the top floor of the building. With a men’s pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and a women’s pool overlooking Yangmingshan, it is definitely a pool with a view. The simplicity of being naked in the pool, and the richness of the sulfur and minerals in the spa, both heal your body and your mind. If the hot springs makes you hungry, have afternoon tea and a drink on the second floor, or go to Jinshan Old Street for a taste of its famous duck!