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After passing through Nanya on the Coastal Highway, Bitou Cape (鼻頭角) is a breathtaking scenic retreat worth making a trip to. Bitou Cape is one of the three capes of Northern Taiwan: the other two are Fugui Cape (富貴角), the northernmost cape in Taiwan, and the easternmost Sandiao Cape (三貂角). Bitou Cape, or literally “tip-of-the-nose” in Chinese, is named as such for the nose-shaped cape that protrudes into the ocean. Here you will have a chance to witness a geological “zoo” of sea-eroded landforms such as ocean cliffs and platforms as well as mushroom, honeycomb, and tofu shaped rocks.

Bitou offers three trails that wind around the park area and afford great views of the coastline and intriguing landforms. Take a break at any of the numerous pavilions that dot the cliffs for a seaside excursion like no other. An interesting landmark of the area is the Bitou Cape Lighthouse, first built in 1896 then rebuilt following the WWII Allied bombing of Taiwan, which forms the terminus of the trails.

Fishermen have made this area something of a home for themselves, and you will likely wonder in amazement how they make it down to the rock platforms at the base of the cliffs. This sort of old world living is still found along the northern coast of Taiwan, and is quite characteristic of the quiet serenity of the region.


  • The trail toward Bitou Cape Lighthouse is close at the moment due to falling rocks on the way.

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