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    Shizaitoukeng Ln., Sec. 6, Beiyi Rd., Shiding Dist., New Taipei City 223, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Have you ever seen pictures in geography books of terraced salt fields that line the slopes of rolling hills somewhere in Southeast Asia? Well, imagine a similar scene but of neatly lined rows of tea bushes. Such a scene does exist in the form of Bagua Tea Fields (八卦茶園), and it's only a 45 minute drive from downtown Taipei. Though slightly less accessible than the tea farms of Maokong, making the effort to get here is well worth it. Whereas Maokong may be known for its Iron Goddess Tea, the ideal climate of the Pinglin region has helped develop its “spring tea” into a high quality export. This baozhong tea varietal is closest to a light oolong and is nicknamed for its harvesting season, around April and May.

Hill after hill of tea bushes perfectly accent the natural landscape of the Pinglin area, which is why this also happens to be a favorite among nature photographers. An early start is advisable for the best views and favorable weather, though the mist that rolls in later in the day is an equally enchanting spectacle. What you will likely first notice upon disembarking your vehicle is the absolute stillness in the air. Nary a whisper of residential development disturbs this remarkable landscape.


Shiding - Thousand Island Lake and The Tea

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