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    Shenkeng St., Shenkeng Dist., New Taipei City 222, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The Taipei Zoo is primarily a family attraction especially on weekends, and the Shenkeng Old Street 15 minutes away by bus will always make a great spot to stuff your hungry tummy nice and full with loads of “small eats” after a visit to the zoo. The moment when the century-old Bishop wood and the camphor tree standing tall by the entrance to the old street come into sight, you know you are in the right place.

Situated in the scenic Shenkeng District of New Taipei City, the old street is dominated by the cluster of historic buildings such as Dexingju with Baroque-inspired flowering carvings on the rooftop, which is representative of traditional Minnan-styled architecture. Meanwhile, there is also a wealth of Baroque architecture with an embellished facade — Shenkeng Old Street is indeed a fine example of West meets East. This street lined with food stalls and crafts stands will surely keep you fed and entertained.

Under the towering tree is a historic eatery serving up the national obsession that draws in large crowds of tourists from all over the country. What is the national obsession of Taiwan, you ask? Well, the stinky tofu, of course! Some of the must-try items here include the stinky tofu served with intestines and congealed duck blood that absorb the essence of its oily soup base as well as the crispy, golden brown deep-fried variation served with the mouthwatering sauce and pickled veggies.


Shiding - Thousand Island Lake and The Tea

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