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Once you leave the downtown area, you cannot reach most of the attractions by the MRT. However, if you plan to spend your whole journey in Taipei Region, at least take a trip to Wulai for its hot springs, waterfalls, and cherry blossoms. Otherwise, you can trek through a tea garden for the sunset at Thousand Island Lake, take Maokong Gondola for a cup of Tieguanyin tea, or sample the strong-smelling stinky tofu sold on an entire street in Shenkeng, a district located at the foot of mountain. If you want something antique, Sanxia boasts the best-planned old street in Taiwan. Yet, to understand the early lives and the traditional architecture of the once influential family, you should take the HSR to Banqiao and visit the Lin Family Mansion and Garden. Only after you have a look at the mansion can you realize how the rich’s life is different from ours.

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Shiding - Thousand Island Lake and The Tea


New Taipei