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    No.40, Dagong St., Zhushan Township, Nantou County 557, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Together with Fude Temple in Zhonghe and Fuan Temple in Checheng, Zinan Temple located in the Zhushan Township of Nantou is one of the three major temples in Taiwan with the Earth God venerated as their primary deity. Zinan Temple is always teeming with pious worshippers who come mainly for the “lucky money,” especially during the Chinese New Year. Another highlight is the incredibly luxurious bathroom built by a worshipper who came here to pray for wealth, borrowed the lucky money with Earth God’s permission and did achieve great success in his business. In order to return the god’s grace, he then donated a fortune to build up this second-to-none bathroom in the shape of golden bamboos that cannot be ignored.

Worshippers have up to six chances to throw divination blocks to see if the Earth God agrees to lend out the money. If the response is positive, they can borrow up to TWD600 for wealth investment, which should be repaid within a year. If the Earth God doesn’t agree this time, outside the temple there are some other art installations of gold hens and ingots — both are the symbols of wealth. Don't forget to stroke these lucky statues for that extra bit of luck.

Due to the overwhelming number of worshippers each day, the management had to build a massive parking to accommodate everyone. A small commercial district around the parking started to appear, where you can find all kinds of street food, local specialties, praying paraphernalia, baskets of offering, folk games, and many more. If you are lucky enough to visit the temple on the god’s birthday, expect a lively, carnival atmosphere with parades, firecrackers and everything!


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