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    No.590, Dinglin Rd., Zhushan Township, Nantou County 55769, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Once one of the only two suspension bridges featuring ladders in the world, the Zhushan Sky Ladder has a length of 136 meters and 208 steps, with a difference in height of around 20 meters. This bridge was built on two precipices crossing a river, with the aim of making it easier for tourists to reach Taiji Canyon (太極峽谷). Standing on the rocks, Taiji Canyon looks like a human face.

From the entrance to Taiji Canyon, you begin your stroll through bamboo forests. But then the hard work begins as you climb thousands of stairs, crouch through small holes in the rock, cross the Earth God Temple, which is more than a hundred years old, and finally reach the famous Green Dragon Waterfall (青龍瀑布). Although you can get really close to the waterfall, even sitting from a distance you will still feel the water carried by the breeze touching the pores on your face. The water that flows here is destined for Taiji Canyon, and merges with the off-flow of many waterfalls that line the canyon.

Be warned, this hike is not for everyone - you need to be reasonably sprightly to walk comfortably here. Nevertheless, we absolutely recommend the Zhushan Sky Ladder for its natural and impressive beauty.


  • There are around 1000 steps from entrance to Taiji Canyon. Make sure you have enough energy to counter it.
  • Because there is no public transport to the Zhushan Sky Ladder, we recommend you hire one of our friendly, English-speaking guides to take you there. They can also point out the giant rock along the canyon that looks just like a human face, with eyebrows, a nose, cheeks and even tears!
  • Currently under renovation, it is not yet open.>

Nantou - Sky Walking

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