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    No.1039, Zhongzheng Rd., Caotun Township, Nantou County 542, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Taiwan Times Village does it all the way. The management team spent hundreds of million Taiwan dollars to recreate the life of the past of Taiwan. Under one giant roof, they put lives of Hakka, Minnan, aborigines, and veterans from China all together in separated community blocks. You actually see some guardians at the gate as if this is the presidential building. Sometimes, you will see a wedding parade group welcoming you there. Yes, people in the old day in Taiwan wearing all red in their wedding! As you stride in, there are police officers, vendors, villagers, farmers, cycle rickshaw drivers, and even beggars walking on the street. When I talk about the streets, they are streets for real at that time with posters, shop signs, slogans on the wall, the lamp loop, and the doors. You will see many aged Taiwanese visitors laughing about the details on the streets, so you know how real this place is to them, making it a good chance to learn about old Taiwan.

There is a 1:1 scale train station inside! Locomotive, ticket booth, tracks, and waiting rooms are arranged as if we are really going to take the train! You can also play hopscotch, shuttlecock, and jumping ropes. The staff will play with you to challenge you sometimes! The most famous Taiwanese temple culture icon, “The Third Prince (三太子)”, will come out to play with visitors and take pictures with them. This huge building is also good for exhibition. Some large ones usually choose this place whenever they are going to put out the show. Tired of walking? The real streets have real restaurants for sure. Just order some traditional cuisine and side orders and enjoy them like people did in the old times!


  • If you come on weekdays, the entrance fee is TWD150 per person.

Nantou - Monster Village

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