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    Alishan Township, Chiayi County 605, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Speaking of the dreamy Shuiyang Forest, many describe it as a “fallen heaven.” In fact, it is a landslide dam caused by the devastating 921 Earthquake back in 1999. The Cunninghamia forest was then soaked in water and gradually died down, becoming a vast forest of white trunks, and the dam provides a peaceful reflection of the breathtaking landscape that changes as the day goes on.

Shuiyang Forest is located within the Sun Link Sea Forest Park. Due to its remote location, it is advised to go on a two-day trip and camp by the forest. To arrive here, there are two routes you should familiarize yourself with, both leaving from the Renting entrance, but the forest road is relatively smooth. As you are spending a night or two here, carrying heavy equipments on your back is unavoidable — take the route that is not beyond your physical limits. This hike allows you to be amazed by the dreamy landscape of Shuiyang Forest and its vibrant ecology. As the night falls, you can also view the stars without any obstructions as there is no light pollution here at all.


Nantou - Sky Walking

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