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    Jiji Township, Nantou County 552, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Located in the heart of Nantou, Jiji has been transformed from a barren land into a highly-raved railway town. In 1933, the Japanese colonizers tore down the original Jiji Train Station and turned it into a nostalgic structure built of cypress planks. In 1999, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 struck the center of the island, and Jiji was the nearest town to the epicenter of the quake. Unfortunately, the historic Jiji Train Station was seen partially collapsed. After months of renovation work, it has been greeting travelers to the town with its original look since 2000.

The reborn town of Jiji attracts even more hordes of rail buffs, and the crowds are especially hectic during weekends. A street of gastronomical fun will make sure your stomach is filled with loads of yummy goodies. From Jiji, you could experience a short nostalgic rail journey to other quaint little towns such as Longquan (龍泉) and Shuili (水里), Checheng (車埕). If you want to stay away from the stresses of city life, why not rent a bike to have a scenic ride through the green tunnel of shaggy evergreens?

Another attraction worth visiting in Jiji is Mingxin Academy (明新書院). Built in 1885, Mingxin Academy was one of the four major traditional academies in Nantou during the Qing dynasty and named a national historic site. As the academy now enshrines the God of Literature as its main deity, students flock here to pray for exam success. Having been around for more than a century, the very well-preserved Mingxin Academy never fails to serve as a symbol for the everlasting academic atmosphere in Jiji.


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