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    No.300, Houtanjing St., Nantou City, Nantou County 540, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

This area was developed in the late 19 century in Qing Dynasty. Hou means monkey. Tan means to take a look. Jing means well. The intriguing name actually depicts the landscape of this area. There is a valley around here and a small mountain that is much higher than other ones around it sits besides the valley; and it looks just like a monkey peeping into a well on the side of the road. Later on, in order to promote tourism, they built a suspension bridge getting across the valley.

The Houtanjing Sky Bridge is 204 meters long with 265 steps. The drop between two ends is 5.65 meters high and the distance to the valley bottom is 150 meters high. So please don’t go if you have the height issue. When you are on the bridge, you can see as far as the plain of Changhua (彰化). If the weather is really good, you can even see the Xiluo Bridge in Yunlin! Although we cannot stay on the bridge for too long due to the weight limitation, we can go to another tower in this recreation area to see the sunset, night view, and even stars at night.


  • Most of our readers are attracted to Nantou by Zhushan Sky Ladder (竹山天梯), but not everyone can take it. The sky ladder takes more than 3 hours hiking back and forward, and you have to conquer more than 2000 steps before experiencing the ladder and seeing the waterfall. So, the alternative is Houtanjing Sky Bridge. East to access and the view is not bad.

Nantou - Sky Walking

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