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    Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County 353, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Shenxiangu Waterfall is in remote mountains amongst Nanzhuang, Miaoli District and takes about half-hour driving from Nanzhuang Old Street. The waterfall was free for public in the past, but the trail fell in disrepair for aging. Nowadays, the site has been modified into a tribal theme restaurant name as ‘Qifenzui (七分醉, lit. 70% Drunk)’. Although the neighboring Siiangtian Lake (向天湖) is habitation of Saisiyat (賽夏族, an indigenous tribe of Taiwan), owner of the place, Faai (法愛), is instead from Atayal (泰雅族, an indigenous tribe of Taiwan). Before, he was an indigenous singer with released albums and radio host. On Sunday, you might be able to watch his live show if lucky.

Other than its interesting owner, cuisine in decent flavor and distinctively-styled interior design, the most attractive part is the view of Shenxiangu Waterfall at nearly no distance. The building adapted as restaurant is built just above the river leading to the waterfall, and a new wooden walkway is added to allow visitors get closer to the waterfall. At the end of the walkway is an observation platform with transparent glass flooring. In order to experience the great momentum of waterfall, it is optimal by standing on the platform and looking downwards. This waterfall is also named as ‘Qiceng Waterfall (七層瀑布, lit. Seven-layered Waterfall)’ for its landscape, and was chosen as the filming set of world-famous Taiwan movie: Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale. When listening to the chirping of cicadas and ear-thumping waterfall on seat alongside wooden walkway, the scene in movie seems to jump out of imagination. If you are going to hang around Nanzhuang, just come over and have a nice afternoon tea.


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