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The wood craving of Sanyi is famous amongst Taiwan, but not all of them produce decorative Buddhism statues or mythological creatures. Shuangfeng Factory (雙峰工廠) uniquely produces wooden duck and exports oversea. In the past, these wooden ducks are printed in color and bottomed with lead. Hunters would place these decoys on lake, and then blow the duck flute in bushes to lure goose and duck for an easy hunting. Due to raising awareness of natural conservation, wooden duck is no longer needed as much. Therefore, the factory is renamed as “Sanyi Duck Treasure Shop” to “lure” interested public. Visitors could paint their own duck, via the process kids and parents could both have fun and let the imagination flow. Not a fan of duck? You could choose from other birds like owl, rooster, and penguin.


Miaoli - Strawberry Season

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