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These two train tunnels at Zhunan (竹南), Miaoli was built in Japanese Colonial Era. It is the only dual rail tunnel consists of two consecutive passages in Taiwan. During WWII, one of them was strafed by bombers on its wall. Along with electrification and rearrangement of railway network, now these tunnels are only heritages once evidencing economic development of early years of Taiwan. Railway in use nowadays is dozens meter from here and nearer to the sea. Hence, trains might pass by while touring the place. On the top of tunnels through trail, windmills at seaside could be seen. Because tunnels here is divided into two parts and shorter than the old tunnel at Shengxing Station (勝興車站), the interior red brick wall, which has become pale white, could be clearly seen with sunlight.

Qiding Beihu Community (崎頂北戶社區) above the small train station still remains the simplicity of a countryside. The beauty of red bricks and green trees among these low-rise houses and sanheyuan (三合院) is emphasized under the clear sky and in last light of sunset. Even though some of the housing are becoming emptied and abandoned, tourists from city might still find peace here.


Miaoli - Strawberry Season

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