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    TWD 500

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    + 886-37-941777

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    No.58, Yuandun, Tai’an Township, Miaoli County 365, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Perched at the foot of Xueba National Park (雪霸國家公園), Onsen Papawaqa that combines serene landscapes, rustic architecture and artistic designs is a one of the most luxurious hot spring resorts in Taiwan.

Xueba National Park is home to an abundance of Taiwan incense cedar trees (肖楠木), which are commonly used to construct traditional temples, religious statues and altars. But here at Onsen Papawaqa, the highly valuable Taiwan incense cedar was chosen as the main structural material to create all kinds of decorations and furniture, including bathtubs, ladles, bed frames, the lobby counter, and many more. Where are there so many precious woods for them to use, you ask? In 2004, a great flood washed down a significant number of driftwoods to the riverbed, which were collected and auctioned by the government. It turns out that the president of Onsen Papawaqa was the winning bidder, who transformed these unfortunate woods into artworks and body wash enriched with essential oils.

From the distance, Onsen Papawaqa looks like a glass house. It stands out for its greyish white architecture and fair-faced concrete surfaces. As simple and original as it can be, this hot spring resort is dominated by a touch of zen. The 100-meter-wide façade is a revolutionary design as it is not perfectly straight and flat. The appearance of the architecture might confuse the viewers sometimes but in a very surprising way.

For those who can’t wait to have a hot spring soak, both private and public hot pool experiences are offered here at Onsen Papawaqa. There are even some partially outdoor hot springs entered while fully in the nude. Onsen Papawaqa sits amidst lush natural surroundings and allows guests to wash away all their fatigue by soaking up in the hot spring with a mildly-alkaline pH of 8.1, which will leave them with soft and silky skin.


The entrance fee is at least TWD500. For more details, please check the official website of Onsen Papawaqa.


  • Entrance Fee:
    At least NTD500. For more detail, please check its website.

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