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    No.114, Shuimei, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County 367, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Hakka Lifestyle is a trip for the senses. As well as admiring the beauty of tung tree flower in full bloom, you can also experience the unique smell of Hakka tung blossom in one of the most pleasant restaurants in Miaoli’s Sanyi village. After entering into Hakka Lifestyle, you can immediately detect the fusion of Hakka elements in the decor. Whether in cloth decorated wooden cabinets or in irregularly shaped wooden furniture, it has retained a rustic beauty. The Hakka tung tree has been an important economic crop since times bygone and from the name of the restaurant and the blossom wall decorations, the unsuspecting visitor can quickly appreciate that this is a restaurant that sells authentic Hakka cuisine. Even more of an indication of its quality are the lavender soap and purple tablecloths on display, which let you know that this restaurant is owned by the famous Lavender Cottage of Taichung.

While here, you absolutely cannot miss the specialty zisu grilled steak (紫蘇燒小排) - slowly simmered with zisu, it has a slightly burnt flavor that is unique and absolutely delicious. In addition, well-known Hakka dishes, such as Hakka stir-fry (客家小炒), Hakka noodles (客家粄條), Hakka salty pork (客家鹹豬), Hakka steamed egg (客家茶碗蒸) and sweet potato rice (地瓜飯), can also be found here. After eating your main meal, don’t forget to order a dessert of Hakka brown sugar mochi (客家黑糖麻糬), then enjoy the taste of happiness.


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