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    No.15, Longquan, Tongluo Township, Miaoli County 366, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

As 60% of the population is Hakka, the county of Miaoli is a great place to explore the local Hakka culture. Located within LOHAS Tung Blossom Park (桐花樂活公園), Hakka Compound was built in 2010 and originally served as an administration building. However, with the creativity of traditional craftsmen and contemporary architects of our time, this nostalgic courtyard house flaunts a surprisingly harmonious fusion of classical and modern details. No doubt, it has become a well-known landmark and popular tourist spot in Miaoli.

A courtyard house, commonly known as “sanheyuan” (三合院), is the traditional bungalow architecture in the early days of Taiwan. It could accommodate a large, extended family of more than fifteen, which was quite common then. These typical residential houses can still be seen in the countryside today, but most of them are not equipped with modern facilities.

Tung blossoms, also known as “may snow,” are much loved for their appearance of pristine white petals and red filaments with yellow anthers. Every April and May, the Hakka Compound will be drenched in snow white tung flowers, giving a romantic touch to the visit. And it is not just about these eye-dazzling flowers. A visit to the Hakka Compound will also help you better understand the traditional Hakka culture in every aspect.


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Miaoli - Strawberry Season

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