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To most of the tourists, fishing port is not always on the top of the scheduled list. But to locals or ones knowing how to get to the bottom of local culture, a port is just their taste. They might love strolling in ports for many different reasons: watching fishing boats in and out, getting close to seaside, enjoying the scenery of sunset being buried behind skyline, observing the interaction between vendors and visitors and, most of all, tasting fresh seafood. We could find all above-mentioned characteristics in Dragon Phoenix Harbor at Zhunan (竹南), Miaoli. Despite of the fact that being rather small than those famed harbors, it is hard to find a parking lot here during holidays. Except purchasing fresh seafood, people could sit down and enjoy oyster omelet, squid in grill or deep-fried, stinky tofu, etc. These street foods might not use freshly-hauled ingredients, but who could resist such temptation while being in the middle of these stalls? For a meal made out of fresh seafood, nearby restaurants could provide options of certain prefix menu. Pinball game is available among indoor stalls as a fail-safe for little companions. Street musicians gather next to the fishing port to present their performances. Visitors could see the windmills and play with water when being on the beach. This place could undoubtedly satisfy every members of your family.


Miaoli - Strawberry Season

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