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    No.15-1, Jishanhu, Sanwan Township, Miaoli County 352, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Once an abandoned and decaying coal mine, Baba Tunnel is now open to the public as a heritage and tourism destination. After mining was discontinued, the site itself went into sharp decline. The owner then decided to name the tunnel “Baba” in memory of his father who dedicated all his life to this coal mine. Almost everything has been preserved ever since then, from coal mining facilities and hopper cars to worksite accommodations and offices, giving you an insightful look into the coal mining industry at its heyday. Another mine shaft has been built to welcome the curious visitors who’d like to experience the hardships and difficulties of working as a miner at the time. A visit to Baba Tunnel will surely give you a first-hand opportunity to glimpse into the thriving past of coal mining industry in Taiwan.

The admission fee can be applied to purchases of restaurant meals, and authentic Hakka delicacies are available for you to enjoy. You may choose to order off the prix fixe menu or à la carte options. The dining area is divided into two sections: a restaurant equipped with a exotic Chinese garden, and a coffee shop in the greenhouse that has a tropical rainforest theme, which can be odd for some. But if you need to find somewhere to rest your weary legs after the tour, why not treat yourself with a soothing cup of tea here?


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