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    Jieshou Vil., Nangan Township, Lienchiang County 209, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tunnel 88 is the first thing that comes to mind for many Taiwanese when they think of Matsu , in a combination of vivid images of Matsu’s famous alcohol and the military tunnels that scatter the islands. Tunnel 88 is entrenched in people’s minds as a result of a recent TV commercial. Located between Matsu Distillery Exhibition Hall (馬祖酒廠展示館) and Nangan Airport, when you arrive in the entrance of the tunnel, your eyes will be attracted by two walls of wine jugs and your nose by the slight scent of alcohol coming out of the tunnel. The stronger the aroma, the closer you are getting, as if it has magic power to slowly pull you into its hidden land.

The tunnel goes through the strong granite rock which is said to have been used as a cave for residents to hide away from pirates in times gone by. Only after the army of the Republic of China settled here and made the tunnel deeper and wider could it accommodate military vehicles. The length of the tunnel is 200 meters and the construction took 10 years, only being completed in 1974 for Chiang Kai-shek’s 88th birthday (hence the name Tunnel 88). The tunnel used to house the engine room of Chunghwa Telecom and only in 1992 did the military finally transfer it to Matsu Distillery, which turned it into a cellar. Since then, Matsu Distillery has used the fame of Tunnel 88 to boost its publicity. Nowadays, once you walk into the tunnel, you see a selection of wine which has been preserved for more than fifteen years. To the left of the middle sub-tunnel is a gaoliang sorghum wine storage area- the sheer quantity of alcohol is breath-taking! The tunnel is warm in winter and cool in summer, with the temperature averaging between 15-20℃, thereby making it a perfect storage place. At the entrance to the tunnel, guides provide tour services, and can answer any questions you may have about this impressive site.


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