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    No.208, Fuxing Vil., Nangan Township, Lienchiang County 209, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

If you are wondering about its local specialties, there is nothing more famous than liquor on Matsu. Matsu Distillery is located in Nangan Township’s Niujiao Village (南竿鄉的牛角村). Even though Matsu Distillery is not as famous as Kinmen Distillery (金門酒廠), its use of clean and sweet local spring water, coupled with the finest imported yeast, makes fermented Ta Chu Liquor and Chinese sorghum famous throughout Taiwan and the world. Matsu Distillery has opened a section for public viewing, featuring an exhibition hall and Tunnel 88 (八八坑道). Coming to the exhibition hall at Matsu Distillery, don’t forget to use all your five senses to appreciate this place. When you pass through the door you will see two walls displaying wine jars. Here, you can smell the vague aroma of liquor coming from the nearby factory.

After walking into the exhibition hall, the friendly receptionist will greet you with a shot of gaoliang (高梁) sorghum wine to warm up your insides. Don’t be surprised if the taste of the alcohol lingers on the tip of your tongue for a long while to come. Besides the various tools and production processes on display, those who love baijiu (白酒) can also get a glimpse of memorial wines produced over the years by Matsu Distillery. For those who appreciate alcohol, Matsu Distillery is a heaven not to be missed.


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