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    Dongyin Township, Lienchiang County 212, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Of all the military tunnels in Taiwan, the Pescadores, Kinmen and Matsu, this one on Dongyin Island (東引) is the most physically demanding to visit. Andong Tunnel is located on the southeastern coast of Dongyin Island, next to a military training center. Even standing in the entrance of the tunnel, it can feel uncanny how well it has been recreated. If you are looking into the tunnel from this position, you will see a seemingly bottomless tunnel at a 30-degree angle. The stairs and the lighting equipment in the tunnel are prepared for visitors’ convenience and the deeper you walk, the dimmer and cooler the atmosphere becomes in the yellow light. It is as if you were in the middle of a war, and makes you better appreciate just how precious peace is.

The tunnel to get to the entrance of Andong tunnel is 260 meters long, and a total of 464 steps, so it not recommended for people with reduced mobility to enter its depths. If you have successfully navigated the steps, then you will be rewarded with a glimpse of the real Andong Tunnel which is 640 meters long and able to be explored in all directions. Several extensions of the tunnel even reach the coast. Besides military utilities, such as ammunition depots, soldier dormitories, a Zhongshan room (中山室), a piggery and canons, there is also a sea viewing platforms and steep cliffs. Every April, this is a great place for seeing seagulls. But don’t be too happy about viewing the beautiful scene because on the way back you have to overcome the physical challenge of walking 400 steps, and this time it is uphill! So before visiting, don’t forget to consider your physical condition.


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