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Another historical site with a history of more than 250 years shows up again. Yuanching Temple was built in 1763. This is the first temple in Taiwan worshipping Jade Emperor (玉皇大帝), A.K.A. the first god in Chinese culture. The building style of this temple truly represents the time of early Qing Dynasty. There are three stages of entrances. Each stage worships different gods. When we are talking about the Jade Emperor, there are definitely dragon paintings or sculptures involved. It was because he rode a dragon to show up in our world according to the legend. You can try to count how many dragons there are in the park.

In the renovation in 1887, the owner added a grand theater stage. On important days of the gods in the temple, there are usually puppet shows or drama shows in front of the temple. The actors and actress are actually performing to the gods, rather than to the audience on the spots. If you really like Chinese culture, you will love to be here for one whole afternoon. There are just too many details to study and appreciate, like the roofs, columns, paintings, sculptures, and the arrangement of buildings. They are all waiting to be discovered by you!


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