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A lot of tourist fishing ports could be found along coast of Taiwan. People could see how fish hauls be unloaded, purchase the freshest ingredients and taste all kinds of seafood snacks. The remote Wanggong Fishing Port attracts numerous visitors during weekends for several reasons: a beautiful lighthouse, massive windmills, safe beach and on-site oyster picking in lagoon. Fangyuan Lighthouse (芳苑燈塔) in black-and-white pattern is the youngest lighthouse in Taiwan. It was built in 1983 and opened to public since then. About 10 windmills are set by the sea here. While some people find it mismatched to the scene, many still love to take their time to the seaside and admire these windmills. As a fishing port require a solid foundation to build with, public might hardly fulfill their desire on visiting a fishing port and stepping on the beach at once. However, Wanggong has an extensive area for kids to play with water. The best part, after all, is going to lagoon by farm vehicle or, if lucky, on back of cow. You could experience the job of oyster picker. If you are clumsy or rather not to get dirty, seafood restaurants aside are waiting for your order.


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