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    No.38, Caiyuan Rd., Lukang Township, Changhua County 505, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

In the small town of Lukang, there is a 100-meter-long fire lane with less than 70 cm at the narrowest point. It is so narrow that only a single person can pass it. A man could not pass a woman down the narrow inner passageway without her breasts brushing against him, hence the comical name Molu Lane (Breast Touching Lane). A true gentleman would always wait for a lady to pass first, so the Breast Touching Lane is also known as the Gentleman Lane (君子巷). However, in the early years, men and women should keep sufficient physical distance, so ladies alway avoided this narrowest alley in Lukang.

There is another theory about the origin of Breast Touching Lane. As cold winds blow down from Mongolia every September, people had to build houses close to each other so as to protect against the chill winds prevalent at this time of year. Besides, Lukang was a prosperous port town, where every inch of land was as expensive as an ounce of gold. There was no way to construct grand mansions, resulting in these thin alleyways running behind the long narrow houses in Lukang.


Lukang - Folk Days

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