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    Minsheng Rd., Lukang Township, Changhua County 505, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

In the proximity of Lukang Mazu Temple, you will find myriads of eateries and restaurants, especially on Minsheng Road. Local delicacies such as ox-tongue-shaped biscuits (牛舌餅), spicy wine-soaked sea snails (燒酒螺), oyster vermicelli (蚵仔麵線) and steamed taro balls (芋丸) are all very worth a try. The crispy, golden brown deep-fried mud shrimps with a pinch of garlic powder, pepper and salt are especially not to be missed here.

When Lukang was still an agricultural town, taros were abundant but then the overproduction soon became a troubling problem. The townsmen came up with a new recipe by cutting these taros into shreds, mixing with potato starch and filling them with marinated pork. Drizzled with garlic-soy sauce and spicy sauce on top, the steamed taro balls are a delight to tantalize your palate. The ox-tongue-shaped biscuits might first remind you of the local pastry of Yilan, but here in Lukang, the variation is completely different. In Yilan, these biscuits are thin and crispy, while those in Lukang are served with sweet fillings and taste as soft as suncakes (太陽餅), always leaving you craving for more!


Lukang - Folk Days

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