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    No.81, Jinmen Ln., Lukang Township, Changhua County 505, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

In Taiwan, there are in total five temples named Longshan, including that one in Lukang. Lukang Longshan Temple is the largest temple in Lukang, whose founding year is unavailable, but most of the structures were completed by 1831. It is also believed to be Taiwan’s most well-preserved Fujianese style architecture from the Qing dynasty. Owing to its architectural, artistic and historical significance, Lukang Longshan Temple has been named a national historic site and one of the most beautiful temples in Taiwan.

Caissons can be commonly seen in traditional temples, but Lukang Longshan Temple is particularly noted for its intricate caisson, which fully demonstrates the skillful craftsmanship back then. It is also the oldest and largest existing caisson in Taiwan. This wood structure was precisely calculated, and craftsmen managed to sustain the whole ceiling without using a single nail. The caisson ceiling not only acts as a resonance chamber but also helps ward off evil spirits.

Lukang Longshan Temple enshrines Guanyin as the primary deity in the main hall, while Dragon King and Wind God are venerated in the rear hall. Every Dragon Boat Festival, the temple hosts a series of celebrations to pray to the Dragon King, who is said to be the dispenser of rain, for favorable weather and good harvest. In 1999, a devastating earthquake struck the center of the island, and Lukang Longshan Temple was severely damaged during the disaster. Thanks to the efforts of many experts in different fields, Lukang Longshan Temple has now been restored to its ancient glory.


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