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    No.102-1, Shanjiao Rd., Dacun Township, Changhua County 515, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Located in Dacun Township, Changhua County, Cundong Elementary School is growing in popularity among tourists for the beautiful paintings that grace the walls of the buildings. The community reading center is inspired by the shape of an open book with adorable paintings of a maple beech forest on its outer walls, which blend right in on the beautiful campus. This also perfectly demonstrates the designer’s idea that “a walk into the book allows you to see the whole world.” The reading center is filled with bold colors and decorated with interesting bookshelves. There is even a reading area with one seater sofas, delivering a brand new reading experience to the students and visitors.

Animal sculptures and out-of-box paintings can be seen around the campus, and there is a rainbow playground slide for you to relive your childhood memories — all giving you a illusion of being in a wonderland. However, students still attend school on weekdays, so you’d better plan your visit on weekends so as not to disturb the classes in session. On a side note, the famous Twin Hearts Pond is just five-minute drive away from Cundong Elementary School. A visit to both sites in one single day can be a pretty good idea.


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