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    Qing’an N. Rd., Xianxi Township, Changhua County 507, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Changhua Coastal Industrial Park is home to more than 200 wind turbines that serve as one of most famous coastal landmarks in Changhua. There are blasts of wind howling across the vast plains of Changhua during the northwest monsoon, making it a prime location to generate clean and renewable energy. Drawing in a significant number of photography enthusiasts to capture the enchantment, these giant white windmills are undoubtedly a beautiful scene to adore.

You won’t find Changhua Coastal Industrial Park in tourist guide books but it is where locals drum down the sunset. Mesh bags attached to metal racks where oysters are grown can be seen in the water, and with a close-up look at the largest wind farm ever developed in Taiwan, the view that spreads out before you will show off Changhua from a whole different perspective.


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