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    N. Hill, Jinning Township, Kinmen County 892, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Beishan is where the bloody Battle of Guningtou came to an end, and Beishan Mansion is an empty military command post, whose outer walls are still riddled with bullet holes, serving as a sobering reminder of the utter catastrophe back in 1949.

There are many different stories about the establishment of this abandoned building. However, according to historical records, it was a Taiwanese merchant Li Qilin that built up this sizable mansion with two halls in 1920 after striking it rich with his business in the Philippines. In 1948, he tied the knot with Li Zengyou and further constructed the wings. Unfortunately, the war broke out before the construction came to a completion. The couple soon fled to the Philippines to seek refuge, leaving the mansion damaged by fire during the war.

Kinmen may be best known for its military past, and these surviving ruins continue to tell the turbulent history of Kinmen.


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