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Nanwan is in the middle of Kenting between the two protruding horns of the peninsula. The seawater is very blue so people also call it as Lanwan for Lan means blue in Chinese. The beach is about 600 meters long and the sand is soft and beautiful. So it is suitable for sunbath and having some fun in close-shore water. If you want to see some handsome men and beautiful women in bikinis, this is the place to be. Nanwan is probably the most popular beach in Kenting and it attracts thousands of tourists every weekend. You can rent almost everything about beach activities on the shops around. There are also some activities on water like water scooters, sailing, and boating here. However, please notice that there are some strong currents in this bay area. It is not recommended to swim too far from the shore. Please cooperate with the lifeguards. If you are hungry after all the activities, there are several restaurants and food stands around here. All in all, just take your drink, grab a book, rent an umbrella, and relax with the beautiful sky, people, and the beach.


Kenting - Southern Splendor

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