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    No.51, Fu’an Rd., Checheng Township, Pingtung County 944, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Checheng Fuan Temple is the largest temple in Taiwan worshiping Tu Di Gong, which means God of Earth, or The God with Virtue and Fortune. It has a history for more than two hundred years. Unlike other Tu Di Gong Temples in Taiwan, the Fuan temple is a northern Chinese royal temple style building. This temple was built to relieve the pain and act as a support for the pioneers from Mainland China. The statue of the god is from Chuan State in China. The God answers a lot of people’s call and it was even awarded with royal crown and rope from the Emperor Qienlong in Ching Dynasty. As you walk up to the temple, it feels like you are going to see the emperor. Besides the magnificent temple, there are also some delicacies being sold outside like green bean soup, duck eggs, salty eggs, and preserved eggs.


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