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    No.105, Zengzi Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City 813, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

As visitors increase and department stores pop up around HSR Zuoying Station, restaurants also emerge in the area one after another. Among the restaurants surrounding the station, Tianshuiyue Hot Pot keeps a low-profile exterior on purpose while possessing an interior rich in meaning. Walk into the open wooden gate, a face of Buddha embedded on the wall attracts your attraction immediately. Moreover, you see a pool stretches itself from the entrance to the front of the stone statue, with vapors occasionally rising from the water, while guests have their meals on the both sides. From the ceiling hangs a huge decoration similar to an incense ring. Then take a look back at the entrance you just passed, and you see giant golden hands of Buddha prop up the ceiling from the both sides, filling the hot pot restaurant with profound oriental mystery.

The stock of the hot pot comes in four different flavors: laohuotang (long-boiled soup, 老火湯), kelp pot, spicy pot, and sukiyaki. Customers can make their choice with an iPad on the table, pick up a kind of meat or the seafood, and pay the bill at the checkout counter directly. Elder customers who are not familiar with the use of tech products or those who want to seek opinions may ask the staff directly without being refused. The more special flavor is definitely sukiyaki. When the pot is presented in front of you, you see a layer of marshmallow looking like soap bubbles. That's what gives sukiyaki a sweet flavor. If you are holding a camera or a cell phone, the service staff will ask whether you want to take pictures before they pour the stock into the pot. In terms of the ingredients, the vegetables are fresh, and the meat is of certain quality. In sum, the flavor in Tianshuiyue Hot Pot may not be ranked as top ten, yet the dining environment that stimulates your vision, hearing and taste at the same time is unprecedented, making a restaurant arguably a must-go in a trip to Kaohsiung.


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