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Before the KMT retreated to Taiwan, the Chen family in Qiaotou, Kaohsiung, had been making baozi (steamed bun, 包子) inherited from Fuzhou, China, since 1936. In the early days, the Chens put steamed baozi in a bamboo basket at the back of a bicycle, peddling them on the street. Later, thanks to the lovely flavor and authentic ingredients, the business kept growing, and they finally opened the first store in Qiaotou District beside the provincial highway. Drivers and tourists who had travelled here spread the word about its delicious taste, and finally the store was nicknamed "Qiaotou Baozi."

Due to road widening, the original store was relocated to a place near Qiaotou Sugar Refinery Station and is run by the third generation now. In addition to their signature xianroubao (pork bun, 鮮肉包), danhuang xianggu roubao (egg yolk mushroom pork bun, 蛋黃香菇肉包), and sucaibao (vegetable bun, 素菜包), the most special flavor is heitang congroubao (black sugar pork bun with scallion, 黑糖蔥肉包). The texture of the wrapper resembles that of a black sugar bun. Together with the stuffed scallion and pork, the slight sweet taste of the texture matches perfectly with the hot soup in the bun. If you miss the taste after eating, you can buy packaged frozen ones to steam them at home.


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