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Qianzhen Fishing Port is Taiwan's largest fishing center. Consequently, it can harbour tens of 1000-ton offshore fishing vessels. Given that most of these are unloaded here, the riches captured by this fishing town have been much greater than that of others over the years. Every morning, fishing boats return back to the port with their catch, some of which is taken to a nearby processing plant to be made into canned or frozen food, and some of which is sent directly to the fish market.

If you are curious about this quaint fishing village, there is an exhibition displaying seafood in the Fishery Union Building, which is a great option if you want to know more about the marine world, and the early days of life in this fishing village. Or if you want to soak up the atmosphere of a thriving fish market, remember to get up early to visit Qianzhen Fishing Port’s local market, where you will find the freshest catch, perfect for home cooking! Here you will have the chance to see the fish that has just been unloaded from the ships in piles on the ground, waiting to be arranged into categories by the fishmonger who collect ice buckets from waiting small trucks to preserve its freshness. Some people have already begun to barter with the fishmonger, and others have begun cutting the deep-sea fish into fillets ready to be sold. This is a scene as lively as the anniversary of a department store! If it makes you feel hungry straight away, you can always walk to the area surrounding East One Road (東一路), where you will find a whole row of delicious street food stalls waiting to satisfy your appetite. In addition to several specialty seafood vendors, Ding Ji Laobing (鼎記烙餅) is worth a try for its delicious pancakes and pork pies, which keep the early-rising fish vendors from getting hungry as they go about their busy days.


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