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    No.147, Sec. 1, Zhongxing Rd., Meinong Dist., Kaohsiung City 843, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Meinong, Kaohsiung has been famous for paper umbrellas, the techniques of which were imported from Guangdong area when Taiwan was still under the Japanese rule. Paper umbrellas, along with tobacco and rice, had been considered the three major economic products of Meinong until the 1960s. As the plastic umbrellas manufactured by machinery were invented and became prevalent, the Hakka community living here suffered from the sharply declining economy. Fortunately, a BBC's documentary about Meinong’s paper umbrellas and a local drama Stars Know My Heart (星星知我心) introduce Meinong's delicate workmanship to the foreigners. In addition, the development of tourism and the revival of Hakka culture also bring people back to the once seriously depopulated village.

There are several paper umbrella-themed cultural villages in Meinong. Basically, they are quite similar. Visitors can watch craftsmen making paper umbrellas. Or, they can even spend time and money making one by themselves. Inside the small park, they can buy some Hakka snacks and accessories. But for foreign tourists and children, what interests them most is probably Hakka Lei Cha. A folk drink that can be traced to a thousand years ago, Lei Chi is made by pouring boiling tea water into hand-ground powders of sesame, peanuts, etc. The fragrant tea and the creamy texture make a healthy regimen drink that provides not only a good flavor but also the pleasure of making it.


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