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In the last season of the year, millions of purple crow butterflies travel to Taiwan when migrating south for winter. They will temporarily rest in the valleys in Dawu Mountain. When the north gets warmer, in spring they will fly north to reproduce offspring. While the countless purple crow butterflies were travelling through, highways were once temporarily closed for traffic safety and ecological protection. On the other hand, located in the mountains of Kaohsiung, Maolin is rarely visited in usual times. However, during December to the next February, more and more visitors equipped with cameras come to Maolin to see abundant butterflies crowding in the valley, witnessing one of the world's rare ecological wonders.

In addition, Maolin is home to the Rukai people (one of Taiwan's aboriginal peoples, 魯凱族). Unique slabstone houses, traditional handicrafts, indigenous cuisine, and a 880-meter-long suspension bridge at height are all the attractions that should not be missed out during a trip to Maolin. In additon, the open-air hot springs in streams and the birds in the woods are dear to nature-loving travelers. However, Maolin is not as well-known as Chingjing Farmor Taroko Gorge. Neither does it have convenient stores or a decent restaurant in its scenic area. Therefore, bring plenty of water and some field rations to make sure you can stay a little longer in the mountains.


Kaohsiung - A Sacred Conversation

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