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    Hedong Rd., Qianjin Dist., Kaohsiung City 801, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

In almost every great city lies a poetic river. For example, the Seine in Paris nurtures the poets at the Left Bank, while the River Thames in London serves as the setting of many literary works. Although the traditional housing along the river has been replaced by modern concrete buildings, and the both sides of the river are connected by a cold steel bridge, people still love to walk or relax on the river bank. The sun's afterglow reflected on the river brings urban people a feeling of being warm and peaceful. It's a feeling that cannot be replaced no matter how many material comforts people get.

In Taipei, most rivers are covered with asphalt to make them roads and thus to create a little bit more space in the narrow urban area. Therefore, people feel really crowded when living in Taipei. However, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan's second largest city, the romantic Love River meanders through the city. With a total length of mere 12 kilometers, the river travels from the young and vigorous Pier-2 Art Center, water-playing Xinguang Ferry Wharf, Taiwan's second tallest skyscraper 85 Sky Tower, delicacy-featured Yancheng District, lovers’ rendezvous the Heart of Love, photographer's favorite the Tower of Light, to the gracefully decorated Holy Rosary Cathedral. Furthermore, on the two sides of the river stand some featured cafes and stir-fry eateries. Just like other large tourist cities, in Kaohsiung there are also sightseeing cruises inviting tourists to enjoy the night of Kaohsiung on the river.

Yet many people do not know it's after the 1950s that the romantic name of the river is widely accepted. When the Japanese ruled, the river was originally named "Kaohsiung River." Later, because the Japanese set up the Port of Kaohsiung at the estuary, the river is also called "Kaohsiung Canal." But when the KMT took over Taiwan, tourists began to gather around a newly-built riverside park. Boat companies start running business of rowing and cruising. One of them is named Love River Cruise. However, during a typhoon, the signboard of the shop was blown down, with only the first two characters "Lover River" left on it. In addition, unfortunately there was also a couple jumping into the river killing themselves for love. Once the tragedy was reported, the name of Love River began to circulate widely. Nowadays it has become the official name of the river.


Kaohsiung - A Sacred Conversation

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