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    No.9, Liantan Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City 813, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The Lotus Pond is the largest pond in Zuoying district in Kaohsiung. The name might mislead you, but the size of the pond is 42 hectares. It sits between two mountains and the water is from Kaoping River. The pond is famous for the sunset view with the reflection of the mountain in the pond.

This pond was not this large three hundred years ago. In 1686, a mayor built a temple next to the pond and planted a lot of lotus flowers in the pond. This is how it got the name. After two expansions, this pond is important not only for the view, but also for the irrigation of the farm around it. In 2004, our government built the project “Lighting up the pond”. Combining with the bicycle pond circling route, it truly became a beautiful attraction day and night.

The most interesting thing about the pond is that there are more than twenty temples worshiping different deities around the lake. The four most representative ones are Confucius temple, Chunqiou hall, Dragon & Tiger Towers, and Pavilion of the North Pole. The legend has it that the Guanyin on the Dragon statues was one of the miracles of Guanyin people saw in the sky. The Pavilion of the North Pole worships Xuanwu god. The statue is seventy two meters tall and it is one of the tallest buildings on the lake in south-east Asia.


It is also known as Dragon and Tiger Pagodas or Dragon Tiger Tower (龍虎塔).


  • It is also known as Dragon and Tiger Pagodas or Dragon Tiger Tower (龍虎塔).

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