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    No.1-2, Duona Ln., Maolin Dist., Kaohsiung City 851, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Kungadavane is an aboriginal tribe situated in the Maolin National Scenic Area (茂林國家風景區). When you enter the village, you will see the houses that indigenous people have constructed out of slabstone. You will also notice that the slabstone house number plates on the walls are printed with images of the Maolin butterfly, making them different from the green iron plate in the cities. At the entry of the tribe you can also see a wooden observatory which used to have an important place in the life of the tribe. And unlike schools in cities, these ones aren’t made out of blocks of cement, but are instead covered with colorful aboriginal totems, bright graffiti and decorations of common forest patterns. These additions to the school’s appearance are all outside of the government’s regulations, and point to an attempt by the community to retain its own culture.

Walking in the village, you may encounter indigenous wild boar roasting in front of the houses of the local people, which is often sold to tourists who come here to visit the Maolin butterfly. You might also see people working to cut stones from the valley to use as tables or for building houses. There are also a small number of shops selling woven aboriginal handicrafts, such as bracelets, clothing and backpacks here. Villagers may even be seen drying grain in the square in preparation for brewing. Best of all, you might have the opportunity to chat to some of those villagers who like to relax close to their scooters parked under a big tree. If you’re lucky, you may gain some insights into just how life must be for the people who live in this traditional village, which is, after all, so different from the city.


  • Kungadavane is remotely located, and is proud of its deep traditions and history. If you are interested in coming here, it is highly recommended to engage a guide to facilitate both your ease in getting here and in understanding the cultural richness of this community.

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