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    Yugang 2nd Rd., Ziguan Dist., Kaohsiung City 826, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Kezailiao Wharf Fish Market 蚵仔寮港觀光魚市 is one of the fish markets in Kaohsiung which you can eat sea food and watch ships unloading.The name, Kezailiao is come from traditional Taiwan language which means there are many oyster fields. Nowadays, people live by fishing instead of farming oyster. The top three catch are tuna, squid and pacific saury. We call Pacific saury秋刀魚. It means the fish looks like knife and caught in autumn. The other product is also famous, mullet roe which we always bring for a gift during Chinese New Year.

Don’t miss the traditional open market after visit the fish market. You can fine a lot of local food there. Sashimi, fish ball, Taiwanese style fried fish…etc. Besides prepared food, you can buy some seafood in the fish market and take it to the vendor beside for cooking.


  • The floor will be wet. Do not wear the shoes which is your favorite.
    Sliper is a good choice. 
  • Day off on 16th every month in lunar calendar.

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