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    No.61, Xinguang Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Library is usually an extension of urban life. Parents bring kids here to borrow some books; junior high students lying to their parents use computers here to surf on the internet for videos; senior highs meeting friends here bring along their own textbooks to study; nearby residents come to take a nap while enjoying free air-conditioning to save money on electricity. Yet probably nobody will come to a library simply to have a look at it. However, located opposite 85 Sky Tower, Kaohsiung, the largest library in the southern Taiwan attracted a multitude of visitors as soon as it was opened in early 2015. As an eco-friendly green architecture, the library adopts a large amount of highly transparent glass, making the building both appealing and energy-saving. The huge atrium in the middle plus its outdoor balconies eases the readers' pressure from being trapped inside. The colorful children area makes a cozy space for activity, where parents and kid can freely enjoy the pleasure of reading. Counters and artistic works created by stacking books make the volumes not so boring as before. Even if you are not interested in reading, you may still take advantage of this department store-like library. After strolling Xinguang Ferry Wharf and Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, you can come to the library for air-conditioning and a shelter from the sun, using the internet here to find the next tourist attraction.


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