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When the sailing technology was just mature enough to bring the Westerners to the East, people on the island knew little about these foreigners. In addition to the language barrier, the most difference in appearance is the hair color. Therefore, the red or brown-haired foreigners are called "red barbarians (紅夷)". And things related to the red-haired Spanish or Dutch are given the name of "Hongmao" (red hair in Mandarin), such as Tamsui's Fort Hongmao (淡水紅毛城, also named Fort San Domingo, 聖多明哥城) and Tainan's Hongmao Tower (台南紅毛樓, also called Fort Provintia, 赤崁樓). Among all these, the Hongmaogang located in Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung, derived its name from the Dutch coming ashore at the port after a shipwreck in 1646.

During the Ming and Qing dynasties, a settlement had been established in the area thanks to abundant fishery and shrimp farming. However, as the economy was developing and the throughput of the Port of Kaohsiung was increasing, the settlement was transformed into an international container terminal in 2007. Residents living in the village were forced to move to another place. But part of the original village is preserved. Steel bars were added to the crumbling walls and dilapidated buildings. Long swings were installed in the alleys. Roofs of the houses were removed to have a better view of the houses' structures from height. The park is not left unfinished. In fact, it is designed to create a vintage atmosphere with modern techniques. Along the harborside, you can see fleets of ships anchored at the pier waiting to be uploaded at the later-built huge port. Besides, you can have a meal and admire the sunset in Gao Tower Revolving Restaurant (高字塔旋轉餐廳), the tallest building in the area that boasts a close, panoramic view of intercontinental freighters entering the Port of Kaohsiung.

In this park, the most fascinating part is taking a cruise out to sea, making a circle around the Port of Kaohsiung, passing the plants and loading platforms one after one. Massive cargo ships fully loaded with goods act like moving islands at sea, carrying colorful containers from various nations. Large container spreaders slowly transfer containers to the ground one after another. It's difficult to really feel the immensity of the cargo ships without passing them by at sea. This is a profound and valuable experience for children living on an island country rather than on a continent.


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