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    No.153, Wujia 3rd Rd., Fengshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 830, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

McDonald's and KFC have greatly influenced eating habits around the world with their mass production and quick service, selling low-priced burgers and fried chicken in different countries around the world. In Taiwan, many people also anticipate that Taiwanese cuisine, such as rice noodles (麵線), pork thick soup (肉羹), rice cakes and even mochi (a pride of Taiwan) will be popularised around the world. But fast food is premised on the requirement that restaurants have a standardised production process, so that they can quickly set up a chain of new restaurants that provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy delicious food with consistent quality. Dan Dan Burger, which originated in Kaohsiung, seems to have already completed the first step to reaching an international audience.

This fast food chain store, which combines western and eastern culture has set up stores in Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingtung. In addition to selling Taiwanese small foods that locals so love, it also sells hamburgers, fried chicken, French Fries, and other western dishes. Even though those visiting from other regions might find the taste too muddled, Dan Dan Burger is very popular in southern Taiwan. Even visitors from northern Taiwan make sure to come to one of these restaurants to have a good meal whenever they visit the South. Although many of the hamburgers sold here are not very different from those sold by other Taiwanese restaurants, and the noodle thick soup (麵線羹) pretty much resembles that sold by the food van on the street outside, the combination of the brightness and cleanliness of the restaurant, its quick service, as well as its Cantonese rice congee with milk tea, can only be found in Dan Dan Burger. Therefore, this restaurant is highly recommended to visitors from other countries. If you haven’t yet got used to Taiwan’s unique food, you can find western food you are familiar with here. The meals are good and inexpensive, and whereas in stores downtown you normally have to queue to get a seat, strangely, even though many western style fast food businesses have begun setting up in Taiwan, Dan Dan Burger’s almost 20 year old business has not been affected. Nevertheless, there is still no talk of opening a restaurant in northern Taiwan. Some people say this is because of disputes over shares. Others say that fast food isn’t the primary business of the owner. Still others say that the owner fears that northern Taiwanese people won’t like its fares. But it doesn’t matter what the real reason is. The charm of Dan Dan Burger has not been diminished. We hope that one day Dan Dan Burger can be taken outside this island to promote Taiwanese cuisine around the world and conquer international taste buds!


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