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    No.161, Guangyuan Rd., Fengshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 830, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Dadong Arts Center is probably not a tourist attraction that you will find in your guide book because it is very much a part of the lives of local residents as a successful art space. But because the exterior of the building is so strange, looking like a water balloon or a large water collection device, it is definitely worth a visit. Dadong Arts Center is especially interesting after sunset, when the twilight sky mirrors the colorful lights that adorn its walls, adding to the architectural charm.

But it is not just the outside that is worth appreciating - browsing the extensive performance hall, exhibition hall and art library inside shed light on Taiwan’s art industry. The performance hall is Taiwan’s only mid-size one, seating 900 people. Its high capacity gives it the honor of joining other worldwide performance venue icons, such as the Sydney Opera Centre and the New National Theatre Tokyo. It was designed to develop Taiwan’s performance industry, and today enjoys much success, having become a venue for popular and classical music performances. The exhibition hall is also a huge space and has provided a much-needed exhibition platform for local Taiwanese artists. The art library, the first in Taiwan to offer art books, has a huge holding capacity and includes books on twelve artistic themes, making it the perfect destination for any art buff. Dadong’s zen architectural style and natural lighting also make it a pleasant place to simply relax. Dadong Arts Center is definitely recommended for its interesting outside and inside.


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