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If you are looking for an adventurous trail with best view in Taipei suburb, the Teapot Mountain Hiking Trail at Jinguashi would be the first place in your options. Teapot Mountain is located behind the Jinguashi Gold Museum. When looking from the direction of Jinguashi Geological Park, the peak is like a teapot without handle, therefore the place is also called as ‘Earless Teapot Mountain’ (無耳茶壺山, as the handle of Chinese teapot is called as ‘ear’); However, it is more like a huge stone lion guarding the peak if viewers are on Banpingshan (半屏山) of its south. The varying faces in directions make the mountain unique from others.

Although Teapot Mountain only reaches about 600 meters in altitude, as its location neighbors the North Coast, visitors are still able to admire a magnificent landscape of ocean and mountains. Except for to nearer attractions like Jiufen, Jinguashi Gold Museum, Keeluang Mountain, Yinyang Sea, when the weather is appropriate, Yehliu Geopark and Keelung Islet on north-west and Bitou Cape Park on south-east are visible as well – It would not be an overpraise to say it as the trail with the most beautiful view among north Taiwan. This trail is a network reaching various places, so hikers could reach the top from different trailheads. Basically, we recommend starting from the one behind the Gold Museum’s car park, because of the availability of parking lot and portable toilet.

The first half of trail is a well maintained stone stairway, so visitors could easily ascend along the steps. Cherry blossoms are planted aside, but indeed the place is more romantic in winter. Visitors could feel free to stop at any point to enjoy the extensive sea view. It might be slightly confusing when passing by two pavilions and a few forks on the way uphill, just need not to worry and keep an eye on the infomation map as it is clear and easy to understand. A fully round trip would cost around 2 to 2.5 hours to complete. For daring hikers, they could continue their way, by climbing up ropes and crawling through gaps with all their limbs, to go further to the top or even proceed towards Banpingshan. However, certain part is lack of protection measure, so be watchful on safety if you are giving it a go. Moreover, since it would be quite a distance to Banpingshan, an all-rounded preparation with adequate supply of water and portable food is advised.

It is much more fun other than Jiufen Old Street and Gold Museum awaits at Jiufen and Jiuguashi. For people love self-challenge and beauty of nature, it could never be a bad idea to take a walking at Teapot Mountain Hiking Trail during their trip at Jiufen.


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