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Shifen Waterfall (十分瀑布) is the most renowned cascading waterfall in Taiwan. Although not nearly the tallest the island has to offer, it's is certainly the widest at an impressive 40 meters. Because of its horseshoe shape and powerful flow, it is nicknamed the Little Niagara of Taiwan. Recessed within a beautiful forested mountainside setting, this waterfall often delights visitors with a bright rainbow on sunny days. Its colorful spectacle has also lent the waterfall its other nickname of “Rainbow Pond”.

Similar to the naming convention of Jiufen, Shifen was named for the ten original families who developed this area. Shifen is a short walk from Shifen Old Street which is along the Pingxi Branch railroad line. While at Shifen Waterfall, you may notice some interesting holes in the riverbed. At various points along the river, the uneven flow of the water creates vortexes that traps passing rocks, causing them to spin and carve deep holes. This constant erosive action has produced potholes and are in greatest abundance in the Dahua Station area.

Get a deeper understanding of the history of the Jiufen area on our Jiufen Sky Lantern tour. With guides who are local and deeply familiar with the area, you will come away with a rich understanding of its gold mining past, as well as have minimized the fatigue associated with travelling to some of the busiest of Taiwan’s tourist destinations.

Jiufen - Sky Lantern

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