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    Ping River (Pingsi) Township, New Taipei City 226, Taiwan (ROC)

Shifen Old Street is a bustling hub for those eager to get a glimpse of an old railroad town which still retains the charm of yesteryear. Originally built to transport coal, the Shifen Old Street stop has now become one of the most popular on the Pingxi rail-line. It is easy to see why so many are drawn here - local food, souvenir shops and puffing trains add to the charm of this little gem, as well as make it a fantastic place for photography.

The sky lanterns at Shifen Old Street are of particular note. Once used as a signaling system for those living and working in the railroad industry, visitors today paint their wishes with calligraphy before releasing the lanterns into the sky. We think Shifen Old Street is one of the best stops on the Pingxi Line, but if you have time, jump back on the train to visit some of the other stations, offering gentle mountainside strolls, sky lanterns and an up-close look at the early days of train travel and coal mining in Taiwan.

Releasing a sky lantern costs TWD100~150 each.

Our Jiufen - Sky Lantern tour is a brilliant choice for those visiting Shifen Old Street as it combines this attraction with Jiufen’s Old Street for a fantastic look at Taiwan of the past. Our guides, with their unique knowledge of the history of these sites, can make them come alive for you. Most importantly, they can also alert you to the not-to-miss delicacies among the hundreds of choices on offer!

Jiufen - Sky Lantern

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